Liberating movement, Liberating potential

From his very first polo shirts, René Lacoste was passionate about liberating movement. In his vision, this went far beyond clothing. Liberating movement meant encouraging individual fulfilment while giving people the power to act and realise their ambitions.

In line with this approach, we have integrated the ideal of autonomy into our Durable Elegance model by working with vulnerable populations to facilitate their social and professional integration. This includes young people lacking self-confidence, vulnerable people and those with disabilities.

We help each person to reach their potential based on their age and their needs through personalised guidance developed by our teams. These are known as the Lacoste formative programmes, which we have launched to help make our sector more human, more responsible, and sustainable.

Our Lacoste training programmes: helping others spread their wings

These specific programmes are gradually rolled out across Europe, the Americas and Asia. They are helped by our charities, teams and academies. They offer each participant the chance to find fulfilment according to their needs: 

  • Getting to know yourself and discovering the business world: self-confidence and life projects, understanding socio-professional codes for young people.
  • Developing your employability: acquiring professional skills in the fields we excel, such as sales and manufacturing.
  • Moving up the entrepreneurial ladder: contributing to business projects in the fashion world.

Our programmes is led by multi-disciplinary teams comprised of Lacoste expert volunteers (members of the brand’s Academies, factories and Foundation) and local charities partnered with our Foundation. Any employee wishing to contribute, regardless of their activity in the company, is also welcome.

Helping young people find their place

These training programmes aimed at young people open doors to the world and make them aware of their potential:

  • Self-discovery: support for school, sports and social skills to boost confidence.
  • Discovering the world and other people: trips, tournaments, meetings. 
  • Discovering our professions: sales, manufacturing and support functions through guided tours of our facilities.

Each employee volunteer can become a Lacoste mentor. After completing an internal training course, employees accompany their mentees for at least a year. This time is needed to create a bond of trust and to help the young person identify their talents as well as their personal and professional aspirations.

Fostering employability

Lacoste welcomes socially vulnerable people and those with disabilities to its training Academies. The objective is to offer them a sales or manufacturing qualification, overseen by our employee volunteers, who are eager to pass on their technical knowledge and working experience. The first year of participants was welcomed in 2021 to the Lacoste Academy in Troyes, the birthplace of the brand. We are gradually roll out this approach to our other Academies across the world.

Encouraging passion and innovation

We know it can be difficult to start an entrepreneurial journey and to understand everything immediately. With this in mind, our training programmes  assist young entrepreneurs in the fashion sector. These programmes are last six months each and offer:

  • Individual guidance led by their Lacoste mentor.
  • Interviews with Lacoste experts to develop and consolidate their project.
  • A Hackathon to identify new solutions through collective intelligence.

The entire process helps young entrepreneurs to bolster the viability of their project. At the end of the programme, they present their work to the Lacoste EXCOM and have a chance to win a  grant for developing their project.

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