Towards Durable Elegance  

Over the last few decades, rapid changes in the fashion industry have led to increased consumption, the ecological and social implications of which are cause for concern. This model has reached its limit, and we, just as, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular Initiative, of which we are a member, believe we must urgently reinvent it. This is what we at Lacoste refer to as Durable Elegance.

The very concept of Durable Elegance echoes the life of René Lacoste and his vision of movement. This visionary figure foresaw that freeing movement through clothing was a catalyst for encouraging personal fulfilment and fostering a mindset based on freedom and challenges. Our products have always been designed to last, and our brand has always been synonymous with elegance across the world. However, we believe that elegance is also a way of doing things, a way of being. It enables people to collaborate and find new solutions. Elegance is a value, a transformative force that can even go beyond our differences. 

To build our Durable Elegance strategy, we focused on a study of materiality and a comprehensive environmental assessment of our business. These two analytical components served as the foundation for creating our sustainable development strategy to ensure each stakeholder in our ecosystem was integrated in such a way that our vision of Durable Elegance would benefit as many people as possible:

  • People, by elevating the most vulnerable to reach their full potential.
  • Our local communities, by elevating our supply chain towards sustainable growth.
  • The planet, by elevating our products towards environmental excellence.

Read our sustainable development report, to know more about our vision, our objectives for 2025 and our long-term commitments

Acting for people and equal opportunities 

Acting with our production partners

Acting for the planet

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