We encourage our Talents to find fulfilment

At Lacoste, we recognise that our men and women talents are our standard bearers. We also believe that the best way to find fulfilment in an organisation is through bold self-expression. Our mission is simple: create the conditions for each person to reach their full potential.

  • Since the values of sport are what drive our actions, we foster an inclusive company culture. To this end, all of our Crocodiles may find their place and work towards a common goal.
  • Since it is our conviction that employee well-being is what boosts motivation, we focus on their personal and professional fulfilment.
  • Since pride thrives on challenges, we promote individual and collective development across the board in a bid to constantly push our limits.

Lacoste: a heritage of excellence founded on know-how and soft skills

Premium products depend entirely on craftsmanship. However, our products would remain purely technical if they weren’t scaled up by the passion of our talents. Lacoste owes its inspiration, audacity and innovation to them. Lacoste’s excellence arises from synergies between know-how and soft skills. To continue our quest for excellence, we uphold the sporting values of our founder, René Lacoste.

Our Values

Play as one Team
Show respect for others
Play with Elegance
Aspire to excellence
Play by Daring
Find the courage to express yourself
Play with Tenacity
Strive for constant improvement
Play as one Team
Show respect for others

Show respect for others and commitment to the tasks and decisions at hand as a team. Teamwork is about inclusion: your levels of discussion, collaboration and respect do not change based on someone’s position, opinions and working practices. Teamwork also involves the ability to win as a team.

It’s acting unselfishly to support your fellow members and confidently in requesting your own help. And celebrating your team’s efforts and achievements.

Play with Elegance
Aspire to excellence

Aspire to excellence whilst practicing fair play and humility. By playing with elegance, you play to the rules. It’s not about winning or losing. Rather, giving a good account of yourself. If you play with elegance, you seek to lead by example whilst remembering you can always do better. It’s about communicating your ideas and opinions with honesty. And knowing how to give and accept feedback.

Play by Daring
Find the courage to express yourself

Find the courage to express your opinion, experiment and take initiative in order to explore new opportunities. You play by daring when you’re eager to learn. In other words, you’re inquisitive and you take others’ ideas on board. It also means you’re prepared to drastically overhaul your strategy. If you play by daring, you’re also a born leader meaning you identify opportunities and take initiative. You bring solutions to the table and respect final decisions. It’s the ability to challenge the
status quo. Or at least testing and embracing failure… and repeat, on your quest for perfection. To play by daring is to experiment and test out new ideas. If they work, expand your playing field. Otherwise, take the time to learn from your mistakes and keep testing.

Play with Tenacity
Strive for constant improvement

Strive for constant improvement,
whilst learning from your mistakes. Playing with tenacity is about persevering and staying positive on the back foot.

Playing with tenacity also means coming up with alternatives. It’s finding a new game plan to secure the win! An endless effort to play the game to perfection. If you play with tenacity, you leverage your mistakes to stimulate personal growth.

Working as a team, with style, audacity and tenacity. Together, we are weaving the Lacoste story on a daily basis.

Breakdown of workforce by gender:
  • 63 %

  • 37 %

Breakdown of workforce by geography:  
  • 21 %

  • 25 % 

  • 29 %

    EMEA (France excluded)
  • 25 % 

Index of professional equality between men and women at Lacoste 2023
  • 99/100

    Lacoste France 
  • 95/100 

    Lacoste Opérations 
  • 90/100

Lacoste is committed to providing effective and competitive compensation and benefits

A brilliant team of 8,500 women and men make up the strength and performance of Lacoste, which is why we give particular priority to all of our employees, who are both beneficiaries of our social commitments and central to our policy of social responsibility.


Through our corporate social policy, Lacoste is committed to providing effective and competitive compensation and benefits to attract new talent, reward sustainable performance and provide employees with social coverage, in accordance with local legislation and our diversity and inclusion policies.

Fair compensation linked to the level of responsibility and performance of each individual

Lacoste regularly conducts benchmarking studies to ensure that compensation systems remain competitive with and relevant to market practices.


Throughout our employees’ careers, Lacoste ensures gender equality by examining all aspects of employees’ paths: from recruitment to promotions, including the way bonuses are allocated and distributed.


In addition, Lacoste is committed to the “Unlocking Gender Parity in Fashion” initiative to integrate equal pay directly into the annual employee compensation process.

Lacoste is committed to the social protection of our employees worldwide

Lacoste has committed to offering security and protection to each of our employees, to enable them to work with complete peace of mind. This commitment was reflected at the end of 2017 by the deployment of a global program, which aims to guarantee the House’s employees a minimum level of social protection, wherever they are. The scheme sets targets in three areas: parenthood, health and welfare. 


Numerous measures have already been taken, such as the introduction of a minimum of 12 weeks maternity leave with 100% pay. Because the arrival of a child represents a unique moment in the life of a family, Lacoste wishes to give everyone time and support to fully enjoy this event. In countries where local legislation or market practices provide for more advantageous standards, these are of course applied.


This program represents a major step forward for Lacoste, our employees and their families. It is a sign of belonging to a global company that is committed to its teams and intends to respect each and every one of them, and is also a strong element of competitiveness and loyalty.

Advantages for Lacoste Ambassadors

The development, fulfilment and commitment of employees are at the heart of Lacoste’s concerns. Because employees are ambassadors for the House, the brand offers generous discounts on all its products, as well as Family & Friends private sales throughout the year.


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