Let’s shape a more

elegant world together 

For Lacoste, elegance goes beyond style: it’s a way of being, living and acting, driven by a search for meaning. 

It inspires a sustainable vision of creation.  

It inspires us to act together, to foster inclusion, to promote equal opportunities and to create together in a shared environment. 

In this generation and the next, lasting elegance is what drives us.


Make equal opportunities a reality

Elegance at Lacoste encourages us to respect others and to transcend our differences. Through our various Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and with our collective of committed and determined employees, together we are helping to make equal opportunities a reality at Lacoste and across our industry.

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Put our products and our value chain at the heart of our sustainability ambitions

Our vision of fashion must respond to today's challenges by reducing the impact of our activities and products at every stage of our value chain.

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Empower young people and communities to live better and thrive

Driven by our values - team spirit, motivation, tenacity - our foundation, created in 2006, is a driving force for empowering people to rise above their circumstances and find their way in their social and professional lives, as well as in their communities.

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Durable Elegance governance

Lacoste's approach to sustainability is steered by an internal team under strategic management. Working closely with the company's various departments, the CSR team deploys the defined priorities on an operational level, managed within each relevant department. The Board of Directors sponsors the approach and guarantees its application.

For more information on Durable Elegance: csr@lacoste.com 

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