Revealing potential

At Lacoste, we strive to upskill our employees since we believe it is our responsibility, whilst upholding the sporting values of our company. Our goal is to help every employee reach their full potential. As such, we have developed expert programmes delivered at our Lacoste Academies.

Management Academy: delivering responsible and human leadership

Our top management focuses on a bold and free-spirited style of leadership, which encourages fulfilment and creativity in our teams. We recognise that each employee is unique. As such, our managers are committed to creating a trusting environment that fosters curiosity, free expression and mutual learning. Because, at Lacoste, we are stronger together. The difference between success and failure is a great team. Trial and error are the stepping stones to better decision-making and more agile performance.

The Lacoste Management Academy develops our managers into demanding yet respectful leaders who build an inclusive and collaborative company culture. The Academy forms a global hub for our employees, organising various projects and initiatives supplemented by one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions.

Customer Experience Academy (CXA):
ensuring brand consistency

The Group’s Customer Experience Academy (CXA) promotes the “Lacoste attitude” across the globe, showcasing values, key products from seasonal collections, brand history and the latest news. The Crocodile has a reputation to live up to!

The CXA Academy leverages an e-learning platform run by a global network of 50 Lacoste trainers to upskill our sellers across all markets. To date, we have trained more than 5,000 sellers.

Manufacturing Academy: delivering the excellence of the Lacoste brand

The Lacoste Manufacturing Academy has preserved, developed and delivered our know-how and exceptional craftsmanship since 2017. The Academy was founded in a factory in Troyes (eastern France), which becomes a training centre. The concept then went global with the creation of two Manufacturing Academies in Japan and Argentina.

Our Manufacturing Academies are designed to be unique centres of Lacoste excellence. Their influence on Lacoste talents, local communities and partners provides us all with a real opportunity for transformation.

  • The Manufacturing Academy organises employee training in an effort to harness their expertise and achieve operational excellence. It issues a comprehensive training course covering aspects such as knitting, dyeing and garment-making as well as leadership, safety, health and quality assurance.
  • The Manufacturing Academy runs supplier training sessions on Factory Certified Auditor (FCA) certification. Our trained, certified partners become elegant Lacoste ambassadors in their teams. As the standard bearers of quality, they approve all Lacoste deliveries, guaranteeing a premium service throughout our network.
  • The Lacoste Manufacturing Academy creates dedicated programmes to encourage professional insertion within local communities. To date, the Group has trained nearly 100 jobless people. More than half secured a permanent contract at one of Lacoste’s sites.

Find out more about our talents

Find more about our talents