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Breaking, a creative discipline 

On the dawn of its 90th birthday, the Crocodile brand is opening its doors to ambassadors of a new genre – Breaking joins the iconic sporting family of Lacoste.

With more than 30 million dancers around the world, Breaking is a creative, unifying, almost universal discipline that has been bringing generations and cultures together for over 40 years!

Lacoste has been bringing street culture and dance into the mix for years, and they have likewise appropriated the elements of style for which Lacoste is famous, making the codes of the Crocodile their own.

The universality of Lacoste opens up the field of possibilities – matching all identities, bringing together disciplines and generations, there are no boundaries or taboos holding the brand back.

Five international breaking talents have now joined the ranks of the Crocodile: they will be ambassadors for their craft, with the mission of increasing its creative potential tenfold among the general public. Liberating movement, educating and engaging new consumers, this is the challenge for Lacoste, which is constantly renewing itself and always taking on new challenges.


As a kick-off to make its embrace of breaking official, Lacoste is producing an intergenerational video clip, bringing together the brand’s talents, as well as key players in the breaking scene, who have revered the Crocodile since the 1990s.

Lacoste wishes to take a long-term approach and capitalize on the historical links that have united the brand and this unique discipline for years, by officially supporting culture, the scene and its people in the broadest sense.

Japanese star of the international women’s scene
Emerging talent in French breaking, competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics
International breakdancing icon, several-time world champion
Part of the new Dutch generation and Lacoste aficionado since an early age
Big brother to Kimie – herself a new emerging talent of French breaking – and also competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics


The adventurous partnership between breaking and the Crocodile has only just begun!