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Lacoste & Tecnifibre

Starting with the Spring/Summer 2022 season, all Lacoste tennis and golf products will be distributed globally by Tecnifibre, a brand which, since 1979, has developed a unique expertise in the worlds of tennis and squash.

For over 40 years, Tecnifibre has been supporting players in their sporting endeavors, based on a simple premise: each player is unique, and the right equipment is a vector of their performance. Arising from technological innovations in strings, the brand has progressively developed into all product categories: strings, rackets, balls, textile, luggage, stringing machines, etc.

In 2017, Tecnifibre continued its international development by joining the brands of MF Brands Group (Lacoste, Aigle, Gant, The Kooples). In three years, this benchmark player in the world of tennis has achieved a profound transformation, which has enabled it to develop its presence in the global market, to strengthen its know-how in the creation and marketing of high-performance products, and to undertake joint projects with the Lacoste brand in the world of sports marketing (Daniil Medvedev, Master 1000 Miami Open, Les Petits Crocos program) as well as collaborating on products (the L20 tennis racket and capsule).

Convinced as I am that this new step will allow us to reach a milestone in our sports performance business, I wish the team of Nicolas Préault, CEO of Tecnifibre, in collaboration with the Lacoste teams, full success in the realization of our ambitious new plan to make our brand shine in this category.

Thierry Guibert, Lacoste CEO
Development of synergies

This new mission for Tecnifibre is another step in the development of synergies between the two brands. For Lacoste, it will allow it to capitalize on Tecnifibre’s expertise and specialized distribution network, which operates in 70 countries, including nine direct markets. Tecnifibre’s experience in the field of performance sports will also support Lacoste’s in-house expertise, particularly on the production side. Tecnifibre will draw on the know-how of Lacoste’s retail and visual merchandising teams to develop the brand’s storyline in Tecnifibre’s distribution networks.

This new step is a major advance in the collaboration between Lacoste and Tecnifibre. It will allow both brands to continue to grow in the Sports Performance segment and tennis and golf players to benefit from a complete product offer that is perfectly adapted to their needs.

Nicolas Préault, Tecnifibre CEO