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Lacoste & Bleu Mode

Since its founding in 1933, Lacoste has expressed its unique style and influenced cultures, from the most popular to the most exclusive. For this new collaboration, French photographer Julien
Boudet, aka Bleu Mode, delves into the brand’s archives to offer his own interpretation.

I’ve always been a Lacoste fan. I collect the pieces, I hunt for them, I wear them... Twenty years ago,

I dreamed of those Lacoste outfits that I saw in the windows of stores in Sète, my small hometown.

At the time, they seemed inaccessible to me. I never thought I would have the chance to collaborate

with Lacoste one day. And yet... 

Julien Boudet, aka Bleu Mode, photographe.

From tennis courts to hip hop videos, the world of the crocodile
was one of the biggest visual markers of the 90s. Its followers
from that time, like Julien Boudet, twisted cult pieces, like the
polo shirt, with carefully selected accessories. An eclectic and
refreshing vision of fashion that the artist injects afresh into this
collaboration today.
Inspired by his visit to the Lacoste archives in Troyes, Julien
Boudet reinterprets 10 styles here, from sweatshirts to zip-up
jackets, polo shirts, caps and socks. These pieces are issued in
limited edition, all hand-numbered by Julien himself and entirely
eco-friendly thanks to recycled materials, from fabrics to threads
and finishes. Lacoste offers the opportunity to (re)discover,
through a passionate pair of eyes, these historical pieces which
are no longer readily available. And to allow these silhouettes,
testimonies of an effervescent fashion era, to live a new life


On June 25th and 26th 2021, a select group of people will be able to discover the Lacoste x Bleu
Mode collection. The opportunity to dive into the work of Julien Boudet through a photo and video
exhibition, highlighting his love for Lacoste and its rich bank of references.

Available on June 25th and 26th at the Paris pop-up, then on from June 24th.