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A rallying sign

Since 1933, the Lacoste crocodile has transcended time, style and genre – it roams over a limitless range. Its defining feature is that it is worn by people from all walks of life, each sporting the crocodile in their own way.

Celebrating unexpected encounters 

Inspired by the diverse Lacoste community, the new campaign reveals that moment when two very different people meet by chance and discover that they have something in common: a piece of clothing bearing the Lacoste crocodile.


These sweet, funny encounters trigger smiles, eye contact and camaraderie.


This new campaign, elaborated by BETC, celebrates the crocodile as an initiator of unexpected encounters. It brings together people who seemed to be on opposite sides.


To reinforce the authenticity of these encounters, the protagonists are largely embodied by a street casting of people who had never modeled before and took on this role for one day, with spontaneity and freshness.

On a beach, Marga meets Anis – who could be the same age as her grandson – and is surprised to be wearing the same pink polo shirt as him. A skater wears the same bucket hat as a little girl, is it worn over the eyes or up? And what can two ‘socks & slides’ individuals say to each other when they cross paths?


A new tone

With this campaign, Lacoste, with its iconic pieces as starting point, installs a new brand tone which is fresh and full of spirit.


Irish photographer Ronan Gallagher captured these moments. He mixed his documentary style with a fashion vibe for authentic and spontaneous shots.


In video, scenes of life are told with humor and lightness by the French director Laure Atanasyan and enrich the campaign with the same mood. They are deployed on social media with reels of the Original Kids.


The music of The Sugarhill Gang – Apache reinforces this idea of cultural hybridization. It is itself at the crossroads between instrumental rock, country & western and hip-hop. The music appears joyfully with each encounter, to accompany our protagonists as they meet up.

This new Lacoste brand campaign features the power of the crocodile. It unites as much as it allows everyone to express their differences. The crocodile stands at the rallying point that unites us at the crossroads of cultures, generations and styles.