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L003 Active Runway pre- launch: The ultimate unity of fashion and sport.

Ella Mai is the new muse of the L003 Active Runway footwear campaign. Ella Mai is a revelation for RnB who has built on the great voices of RnB and is now imposing her style.

A daring shape, inspired by the boundary-break shoes on the runway at Lacoste’s fashion show, the L003 Active Runway twists high fashion aesthetics with sport codes.
The L003 Active Runway is a tribute to mixing; it is utterly new yet instantly familiar.
The L003 Active Runway brings raw creativity and tennis history to the streets, allowing the wearer to be on the move while looking ahead of the curve.
It is an ode to the pioneering spirit of Rene Lacoste, and also, a tribute to the future.
It is driven by the bravery to rule break, and, simultaneously, by knowledge and respect; before you change the game, you need to play it.

A flash of inspiration

The L003 Active Runway is the latest star in Lacoste’s pioneering approach to merging inspirations and influences. It draws directly on the shoes pioneered at Lacoste’s runway show, twisting the conceptual into the street-ready. It is a flash of inspiration, a jolt. It continues the existing story of the L003 Runway – launched in S/S 22 – but covers new ground and opens up the conversation. The L003 Active Runway fuses tennis codes and a high-end high fashion spirit. It speaks to the melting pots and mavericks that make style and culture great.

Aesthetically, the L003 Active Runway is a high fashion moment; a stylish, bold twist on a classic streetwear sneaker. The star feature of the sneaker is the unique and attention-grabbing lacing system, which nods to the runway.
The shoe also features a chunky rubber outsole and dynamic Lacoste branding, including coordinates which represent the location of the Lacoste Paris office and the brand’s historical factory the kitchen for Lacoste, where all new ideas emerged. Finally, the sneaker features a mixed upper of oversized neoprene and mesh, meaning that not only is it stylish but breathable.
The silhouette comes in six dynamic colour ways, including, for women, a neon orange, and, for men, an equally bold neon yellow, a nod to the tennis ball, and thus also to Lacoste’s history and heritage.

An exclusive pre-launch will be available in Europe, United States, China, Korea and Japan as of October 5th exclusively on alongside 2 colorways (orange and blue) for women and 2 colorways (grey and neon yellow) for men at the price of 190 euros.
L003 Active Runway will continue to show up with two more new colorways and integrate Lacoste’s footwear collection on Spring – Summer 2023.